Our Approach

The hotel industry continues to face challenges in trying to maintain an exceptional guest experience while coping with an increasingly tight labour pool. The Singapore Productivity Centre, supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, has set up the Hotel Productivity Centre (HPC) to raise awareness and engage the industry. HPC is a dedicated competency centre that aims to raise hotel productivity through:

  • Proof of Concept projects
  • Diagnostics projects
  • Conferences
  • Training & Workshops
  • Benchmarking Studies

Our Proof of Concept projects connects hotels with industry vendors to pilot test solutions based on technology and automation while helping the hotel to improve its service delivery. Diagnostics projects aim to streamline processes to optimise labour productivity, and reduce wasted time and effort, through analysis of your operations, be it front or back-of-house.

Together with our Conferences, Training and Benchmarking projects, we are a one-stop centre for hotels seeking learn more about how productivity principles can enhance guest touch points, and pave the way for a more innovative and dynamic industry.