Applied Research

Testing New Ideas

Applied Research aims to pilot test innovative solutions in a live hotel setting. This helps hotels to see if a proposed solution actually works in their operations, and decide on the next step of process innovation. Hotels can lower their risk of using new technologies as Applied Research requires that solutions are leased, instead of an outright purchase.

The Hotel Productivity Centre offers an Applied Research grant of up to 70% of qualifying costs for a pilot trial of a few months depending on the project. During the pilot trial, HPC will be on hand to measure productivity indicators both before and after, to help hotels ascertain the gains and cost-savings incurred. At the end of the trial, the hotel can use this analysis to decide on permanent implementation.
To address the various issues that are affecting the hotel industry in Singapore today, our Applied Research looks at increasing productivity through technology and automation. These concepts are intended to aid the service delivery resulting in a better guest experience, and a more sustainable business model.

Hotels wishing to know more can get in touch with us, and our HPC consultants will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss ideas.