Business Innovation Model


To stay ahead of competition, businesses need to be adaptable and relevant. Innovation is critical to drive business growth and sustainability. Businesses need to continuously innovate and cultivate an innovative culture or risk being disrupted.

We help businesses innovate by providing guidance through proven innovation dimensions to identify business unique value proposition and to establish the innovative culture within the organisation to achieve sustainable business growth.



Our expert consultants will provide business advisory, assistance and guidance through:

  • Scope and diagnose the challenges/problem statement with the company
  • Determine company’s performance dimensions through the five key performance dimensions of the Innovation Formula i.e leadership, agility, speed, engagement, risk management
  • Analyse the market trends and target consumer behavior to set the context
  • Develop new concepts and measures to improve innovation in the company



Establishing your business value proposition, discover untapped business opportunities, and cultivating an innovative organisational culture.