Menu Engineering


Assist companies in Food Services to increase their productivity and profitability through menu engineering. It involves selecting, costing, pricing and assessing menu items, considering the concept, value proposition and target market of the company.



Our consultants will provide assistance and cover the following steps:

  • Determine value proposition and positioning of the company
  • Assess profitability of current menu
  • Develop recommendations and re-design menu
  • Pilot test and refine
  • Train employees to ensure knowledge transfer
  • Implement new menu



At the end of the project, companies can expect the following outcomes:

  • Increase in sales and profit margins by eliminating poor-performing menu items; and highlighting profitable items to customers, hence creating top-of-mind recall of signature menu items
  • Reduction of costs caused by menu items with poor margins


Productivity improvement projects are eligible for SPRING Capability Development Grant (CDG) support of up to 70% of qualifying cost (subject to SPRING’s approval).


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