[Past] Workflow Redesign Workshop


Every food business has a star item on their menu but how businesses ensure their operations are able to cope with the demand? Ensuring every customer is satisfied and will recommend to their friends after patronising your restaurant? Having a profitable and popular menu is not sufficient, it needs an efficient workflow to complement and capture as many sales opportunities as possible.

An efficient workflow could be achieved through a simple workflow redesign that involves streamlining of processes, eliminating unwanted movements and waste. For example, having a kitchen that streamlines staff movement allow staff to multi-task, a smooth queue management which encourages higher table turnovers generating more sales opportunities and improving manpower efficiency through suitable automation and more.

On 13 December 2017, Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC) will be conducting a one-day workshop to transfer you the knowledge on the concepts, principles and importance of Workflow Redesign that optimise your business’s workflow, improve overall productivity and increase sales opportunities.


  1. Workflow Redesign Concepts, Tools & Results
  2. Implementation Process
  3. Case Studies Discussion


  1. Gain essential knowledge and skills in applying Workflow Redesign tools for optimised workflow
  2. Ability to execute productivity improvement projects in own restaurants
  3. Reducing manpower effort and achieve higher productivity and sales opportunities


Mr. Thomas Chia

A Certified Productivity Practitioner, Thomas has managed and helped streamline work process and improve productivity for organisations.


Non SPA Members and Public: S$90 (excl. GST)
For SPA Members: S$60 (excl. GST)


Singapore Productivity Centre
Imagination Room
11 Eunos Road, #08-01
Lifelong Learning Institute