[Past] SPC & Culinary Institute of America Exclusive Study Trip

Be RTE RTC ready in 2017 (28 Feb to 8 Mar 2017)

This is a nine day trip to USA, New York with a visit to NY trade show (The International Restaurant & Foodservice show of New York, 5- 7 Mar 2017)

We are going to visit more than eight food service restaurants and operations to learn about creative food space, food technology and innovations for packaging and convenience food. We are going to visit more than 8 food service restaurants and operations to learn about creative food space, food technology and innovations for packaging and convenience food.

Price per pax: S$ 9,799.00

(Programme S$6,400+ Hotel $3,399.00 for 8 nights)

This fee does not include Air-ticket

Key places to visit:

Blue Apron, Google NY, Culinary Institute of America Campus, Food Tech experts @ PacknWood.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron now delivers 5 million meals a month, up from 500,000 in 2015. Founded in 2012 by Wadiak along with Matt Salzberg, a Harvard M.B.A. with venture capital experience. Blue Apron’s approach, to offer the meal kit to consumers, giving the convenience of delivery while keeping home cooks in the kitchen (an minimum wastage). They track all these through Ipads and various technology thereby being manpower lean.

Bocuse restaurant

The restaurant re-imagines the execution of classic French cuisine through the lens of ultra-modern cooking techniques, brings a new style of casual yet sophisticated service, and offers a breathtaking architectural interior design. We shall have our lunch there.


A brand that spans across Italy, Japan, Dubai, Korea with 4 restaurants in America. This Italian brand is selling Italian food and products via ecommerce platform and later to an Online-to-Offline format.


Packnwood is the American and British brand of the family-owned French company First Pack, which has been a leading manufacturer of innovative food service products for over 35 years. From their office in Midtown Manhattan, they link an international supply network stretching from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America to design fashionable, functional and environmentally sustainable tableware that adds a special touch to any culinary presentation.

NYC Google

Tapping into the energy and diversity of New York City, Google’s second largest office is a focal point for innovation in fields ranging from computer science to creative branding. We will visit this office to learn about how they keep their staff happy with their innovative food space!
The Culinary Institute of America @Hyde Park Campus
Afternoon seminar with CIA: Industry expert panels will be included to review industry trends and innovation in the US market. Plus visit to the various high-tech kitchens within the campus.

Union Square Hospitality Group

It operates 13 restaurants (brands include Gramercy Tavern Restaurant, Untitled Restaurant and Shake Shack) with another arm for events catering business. Their newest sister company dabbles in organisational consulting aka Hospitality Quotient with focus on employee retention.
Should you require further information on this study mission, please contact Ms. Marilyn at marilyn_tan@sgpc.sg.
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