Most retailers in Singapore see a wide range of store performances in their portfolio. Typically, a few stores contribute to most of the profits, while several long tail stores may be unprofitable. A data-driven, analytical approach is needed to know where to open a new store and how to identify and close non-profitable stores with poor future prospects.

Masterclass 2: Outlet Portfolio and Maintenance
26 July 2018, 9.00 AM to 5.00PM

This 1-day masterclass will touch on managing store portfolio towards optimised profitability and includes tools to help assess and develop store portfolio with templates to conduct required data analysis:

  1. Model to assess the health of current portfolio:
    – Store-level P&L tool
    – Location SWOT analysis
  2. New location analysis tool, including guidance on how to leverage externally available population and real estate data to plan new stores
  3. Store opening checklist and assessment tool
  4. Store closure checklist and guidelines, e.g. how to manage impact on sales

Format of Masterclass

The 1-day session will cover key concepts, tools and exercises to help understand, apply and peer sharing. Participants will also receive one-to-one onsite coaching led by SGPC consultants (6 hours consultancy over 3 to 6 months).

Who Should Sign Up

  • SMEs and Large retail Enterprises in Singapore
  • Business Owners, Key Functional Leaders and Management Executives in Retailers
  • Retail Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) involved in development and/or implementation of productivity-related activities

Course Fee

Subsidised Fee by SSG for SME: $572 per pax (Excl. GST)
Subsidised Fee by SSG for Non-SME: $1,716 per pax (Excl. GST)


Singapore Productivity Centre
Imagination Room
11 Eunos Road, #08-01
Lifelong Learning Institute