Improving Retail Productivity

Standing out from the crowd

Times have changed. These days in order to attract and retain your customer base, offering pretty packaging and home delivery services may not be enough. Customers are getting choosier and with even greater competition, companies need to go one step further to make consumers sit up and listen. Good customer service goes beyond the “please” and “thank you” Now customer service is about connecting with the shopper and making them feel valued; by offering them a unique and unexpected service that differentiates them from their competitors.

Take for example Takashimaya Department Store which carefully selects its retailers and events in order to present a holistic cosmopolitan lifestyle experience for the average shopper, Toys “R” Us who employ subtle marketing strategies to cater to local sensitivities while staying true to their global brand, Nescafe who tracks customer orders to make ideal recommendations for future gift purchases and Etude House who pays attention to your purchase and offers free samples based on complementary items you might like. It is all about capturing attention and getting people talking.

Offering Quality

But capturing the customer’s attention is only half the battle won and in this fast-paced society, it can be lost just as quickly. This is where the notion of quality comes in, not just in relation to the product but concerning the entire retail experience from price and value to selection and durability. This involves careful consideration and engineering of back-end strategies and processes to support the final front-end experience. Ensuring customers are pleased and constantly refreshed with what your company has to offer accords a sense of trust and ensures a higher chance of them coming back for more.

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