Front Office vs Housekeeping in Hotels

A seamless customer experience – this is easily the goal of hotels worldwide. Unforgettable customer experience is an indication of efficient use of manpower in boosting hotel productivity.
Overall guest experience is influenced by the interaction of the guests with the hotel representative at each customer touchpoint (or moment of truth), such as speaking to a reservations officer, checking-in at the reception, ordering food at the hotel restaurant, etc.

Figure 1 shows the various touchpoints in a guest hotel experience. An unpleasant touchpoint could adversely affect the other experiences. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the hotel can excel in each touchpoint.

Figure 1: Touchpoints at various stages of the guest hotel experience

To achieve high guest satisfaction, different departments need to cooperate and coordinate their efforts. Front Office and Housekeeping Department makes up the Rooms Division, which is responsible for most of the touchpoints.

How can we promote teamwork between these 2 departments?
Rotate employees of each department so that they understand the work and stress that face each other. A fresh perspective may also bring about suggestions for improvement.
Efficient communication techniques
Communication should be efficient and effective. Each call takes time away from the job and slows down productivity. For example, the front office staff can use “room number, MUR (make up room)” to convey guest requests to clean a room to the housekeeper. This makes the message short and clear, which saves time on both sides.
Rooms Division events
Organise events outside of work for them to know each other. With friendship, they are able to bond and have fun together.
Celebrate success
Set joints goals for the departments/divisions towards raising customer satisfaction, reducing response time, etc. Celebrate success for a job well done.
Avoid pinning blame
When a problem arises, avoid pinning the blame on someone. More attention should be channelled to solving the issue and avoid repeating the same mistake.
Housekeeping Day
Housekeeping Department is like the arms and legs of the hotel. They do the most strenuous work and should be thanked for their effort
With greater synergy between Front Office and Housekeeping, they are able to work together efficiently to create memorable guest experiences.

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