Retail Backend Automation


Based on SGPC’s Productivity Benchmarking Study 2015 for Retail Sector, about 87% retailers adopted POS technology, of which only 24% have fully- integrated/ server-linked machine. The study had evidently shown that many retailers still lack integration of systems such as Point-of-sales (POS), physical store & e-store inventory system, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This has resulted in inaccurate inventory information and hampered retailers’ growth when it needs to expand particularly to synergise with e-commerce capability. It also caused retailers to be saddled with low productivity issues such as stagnant inventory or low inventory turnover.

The implementation of automation aims to strengthen core operations to ensure SME retailers stay nimble and resilience. This includes improving productivity and efficiency in the backend operations, through streamlined processes and automation by the integration of backend systems such as the sales & inventory, logistics & warehousing activities, merchandising, finance and customer relationship management. These would build up the enterprise capabilities to scale up such as expanding to e-commerce channels and able to meet the online fulfillment requirements.


Our expert consultants will conduct the following steps to implement suitable automation:

  • Assessment of current needs
  • Mapping out the workflow
  • Conduct user needs analysis and diagnosis
  • Provide suitable recommendation
  • Implement and fine-tune
  • Develop and conduct training for the employee

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