Labour Performance Management

Retailers in Singapore and globally are facing tremendous headwinds with escalating costs, pressures on margins and hyper competition as they grapple with disruptions from technology and rapidly changing consumer preference. The Singapore Productivity Centre (SGPC) and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) have collaborated and designed a methodology to enable key functional leaders and management executives, retail professionals, managers and executives in the retail sector to be future proof and future ready.

The labour crunch faced by retailers in Singapore are driven by multiple factors. Most retailers are operating with fewer headcounts than what is required, especially in the rank-and-file. The inherent seasonality and variability of the retail business compounds labour issues resulting in idle time for precious workforce during slack periods and need for overtime during sales.

  • How to assess peak period needs in advance?
  • How do I front load tasks for peak periods to reduce overtime required?
  • How do I manage the performance of my rank-and-file staff with KPIs to monitor?
  • What are the suggested cadence and incentive planning best practices?

There will be a 2-day masterclass and a consultancy project implemented by our consultant on efficient labour scheduling.