Process Optimisation (Food Industry)


Aims to assist companies in the Food Services sector to increase productivity by redesigning their processes.

It focuses on key processes that are typically labour-intensive or inefficient like:

  • Queue management
  • Ordering, billing and payment
  • Food serving and clearing
  • Food preparation and dishwashing
  • Inventory management



Our consultants will provide assistance and cover the following steps:

  • Identify key processes to address
  • Map existing processes, measure and identify non-value added steps
  • Develop recommendations and detailed action plan
  • Pilot and refine
  • Develop SOPs on revised processes
  • Train employees
  • Implement new processes



At the end of the project, companies can expect the following outcomes:

  • Increase in process efficiency by eliminating waste or non-value added steps
  • Reduction of costs caused by inefficient processes

Productivity improvement projects are eligible for SPRING Capability Development Grant (CDG) support of up to 70% of qualifying cost (subject to SPRING’s approval).