Digital Service Adoption

The adoption of front of house service technology has increased over the past decade and increasingly accepted by the consumers. Many food enterprises have recognised that FOH service technology reduces manpower reliance and allow their service crew to perform higher value-added roles.

There are various types of FOH service technology such as self-ordering, e-waiter, digital queue management system and self-payment system. Hence, it is important for food enterprises to know which and what type of FOH technology would be suitable for your business and customers.



The solution aims to assist food enterprises to scope the right FOH function that would be suitable to implement FOH service technology. The goal is to reap the benefits of these technology in reduction of manpower reliance, improve customer service, achieving service consistency and seamless payment process that would enhance your products and services to your customers.



  • Menu design / Product assortment analysis
  • Service Process design and Layout design
  • Identifying suitable technology
  • Technology deployment, testing and stabilising
  • Employees training and job design
  • Customer analysis and education
  • Review and improve



  • Improvement in process efficiency
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Optimal use of manpower